Wolf, Terrance

Community: Sequim
Phone: 650-743-6251
Email: selfcultivation@gmail.com
Website: represented on website Center on Contemporary Art (Seattle)
Media: painting, acrylic, encaustic

Artist Statement

Terrance is an avid painter in acrylics and encaustics. From an arts career spanning 1980 to the present, his interested ranged through architectural art glass, modern dance, and interior design. Current works come out of a practiced freedom of expression and sensitivity. Many of these are what could be called “atmospheric art”, that is to say works without central focusing elements but call on the viewer to move into the field or atmosphere of the piece. These pieces usually have many layers of paint and medium that results in a variable response to changing light and angle.


Moved from Palo Alto to Sequim, WA in 2009. Became clinically depressed that first winter. The psychotherapist said “do something with color everyday.” Found local art therapist who became mentor and friend, got me going with pastels. It became a core practice to fend off depression and to open channels. Something got loosened up. I’ve wound up with a big pile of works; acrylics, encaustic, and pastels.

Also, I teach “mindfulness” meditation in the style I was taught, from Burmese and Thai traditions. Sitting meditation is enormously important. I’m married. Wife teaches African drumming. I’m a semiretired psychotherapist and I love to work with the “stuck or blocked” artist. I do a lot via phone and/or Skype.

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