Yates, Stephen

Community: Port Townsend
Mail: PO Box 744, Port Townsend
Phone: 360-385-4330
Email: yatesart123@gmail.com
Website: www.syatesart.com
Media: painting

Past exhibits and events with Northwind

2017: Showcase artist, Expressions Northwest | 2016: Showcase artist, Expressions Northwest, Bits & Pieces, Abstractionists, Poem Inspired | 2015, 2013 Alchemy of the Abstract | 2015, 2014, 2013 Small Expressions | 2015: Expressions Northwest, Art in the Library, Radical Change | 2014: Art & Word, Earth Matters

Artist Statement

My paintings for many years have suggested a sense of energy and movement. The imagery has evolved into a number themes, from currents underwater to reflections on the surface, from leaves in the garden to swaths of stars in a nebula.  Inspirations range from the wildness of the natural world to the immediacy of Asian calligraphy and abstract expressionism to the repetitious mark making of tribal cultures. These paintings often present ambiguous atmospheres and allow the viewer question whether it is the macrocosm of outer space with stars and satellites, an undersea environment full of creatures, plants and pollution or the microcosm of bacteria and nanoparticles.

The “Astrodrift” and “Navigations” series follow ideas about navigating our way in a complex, mysterious cosmos. They suggest charged futuristic scapes where forms morph, dematerialize, and combine. There are ripples and surging waves, small elements which coalesce into patterns and forces creating vortices, helixes, and meridians. The “Pools,” “Aquifer/Strata” and “Falls” series suggest various glimpses of water – whether still, percolating or tumbling.

The paintings are developed with gestural marks, flickering, kinetic brushwork, drips, puddles and smears. During the painting process layers of paint are integrated and controlled mark-making is melded with unpredictable paint qualities. I seek unlikely visual situations where gestures combine with fluid or viscous paint to suggest the world both seen and unseen.


Stephen Yates has lived in the Port Townsend area for many years, moving here shortly after receiving his Master of Fine Art degree in painting from the University of Kansas in Lawrence. He also received a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the University of Oregon.

He has exhibited his work extensively in the Northwest and across the country. His work has been collected by a number of organizations and private collectors including The City of Seattle, The City of Portland, Microsoft Corporation, The University of Washington-Bothell, Providence Hospital, Overlake Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospitals, Metro Health Medical Center, The Van Andel Institute, Marriot Hotels, Hilton Hotels and 15 Washington State colleges, schools and public facilities.

He has received a number of awards including an Artist Trust Fellowship and a Centrum Residency. Click here to his resumé online for details.

Gallery Affiliations

Ryan James Fine Arts, Kirkland, WA
4 Square Art, Mesa, AZ

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