January 2017 – How It’s Made

Tuesday, January 10 -- 7 - 9pm at Northwind Arts Center -- How It's Made: Engineering the Job

Shane Miller and Peter Newland will lead a discussion. We’ve probably all gotten ourselves halfway into a project and wished we had started out differently. Different paper, different adhesive, smaller type, bigger type, less fuss, more detail, fewer folds, fewer press passes . . . Turns out the order of things matters.

Whether it be sterling silver jewelry or mixed media narrative boxes, or artists’ books,. . . metal and photo-etching are the foundations of Shane Miller’s art. Pattern and texture become her palette more than color. Vintage photographs, words, narrative and a good story are also key elements. Throw in a little imagination and her observations of how she sees the world and you have the ingredients of what she calls UNCOMMONWORK. Find her on Etsy (as Uncommonwork) and Bainbridge Arts & Crafts. Or visit her at uncommonwork.blogspot.com

Peter Newland and Robyn Johnson maintain a home and studio at Tarboo Bay. They share an interest and collaborate in both creating and collecting artists’ books, making paper and photography. Peter’s 2016 Did You See What I Saw is about his Vietnam experience. It is available through Vamp and Tramp Booksellers and can be viewed here: www.vampandtramp.com/finepress/p/Pied-Typer-Press.html

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