11-08-17 Northwind Book Arts – Share Your Projects

Wednesday 7 pm Nov. 8 - our fall meeting. Your 5 Minutes of Fame. Bring a project-in-progress; bring a recent success story; bring a problem that you’ve solved. This is the meeting for show ‘n tell. Don’t be shy!
We will encourage an open forum for all things book: whether it’s about choosing the right paper, type, color, adhesive, and dimensions—sometimes the elements come together in a way that calls for showing off. This is your night to bask in the admiration and community of fellow book artists.

Inspire us. Wow us. Involve us. Rev us up. It's a safe bet that others will be interested in what you’ve made.
(And if you don't have a current project to talk about, we'll invite you to take a minute or two and tell us what you hope your next project will be.)

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