08-2017 Songwriters Showcase – Simon Lynge

Friday Aug. 25 - 7 pm - Simon Lynge, guitarist and songwriter performs during Art Port Townsend as a participant in our Songwriters Showcase program. Limited seating - buy tickets online or at the door $15 

Simon Lynge has excited listeners and critics internationally with his songs, which have also found their way to Hollywood films and TV. He's toured with Emmylou Harris and Morcheeba and it's not far off when British newspaper The Sunday Times described Simon Lynge's music as "A breath of his fresh island air". The Greenlandic/Danish songwriter and guitarist, who's drawn to songwriting partially as a way of keeping a diary, openly reveals himself in his songwriting and that is something that has spoken straight into the heart of listeners worldwide.

From growing up a shepherd in Southern Greenland in a village of 50 people, living in the bustling cities of Copenhagen and Los Angeles to now living with his wife and two sons in Port Townsend, Simon Lynge offers a unique perspective on the world.

With a clear sense of melody, reminiscent of Paul Simon, Lynge has released four full length albums, most recently 'The Map of Your Life' and continues to tour internationally both solo and with his band.

From Wikipedia: "...singer-songwriter who was raised in Greenland, Lynge is the first solo musical artist from Greenland to have an album released across the United Kingdom... Lynge has performed extensively across Europe and the United States, and he accompanied Emmylou Harris as support act on the American singer's 2011 tour of Europe. Lynge's 2010 debut album, The Future, described by Rolling Stone magazine as "one of the most memorable and melodic debut albums of recent years", reached the top of the Amazon.com UK Rock Charts in the week of its release. Lynge's music has variously been compared by writers to that of Paul Simon, James Taylor, The Beach Boys and The Beatles. Since 2008, Lynge has lived in Jefferson County, Washington. (click to read more Wikipedia...) Click to see his website: www.simonlyngemusic.com


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